60.3mm - 2 "STAINLESS STEEL TUBE, type 1.4301 View larger

60.3mm - 2 "STAINLESS STEEL TUBE, type 1.4301


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Stainless Steel Pipe with a wide versatile range of applications

    Material - Stainless steel AISI 304 (approx: 18% Chrome, 8% Nickel)
    Outer Diameter - 60.3 mm (2 inches)
    Inner diameter - 57.3 mm
    Wall - 1.5 mm
    Genre - 1.4301

 The subject of this auction is a 10 cm long section, buying 2 pieces, you will receive a 20cm pipe.

        1 piece = 10cm
        2 pieces = 20cm
        3 pieces = 30cm
        4 pieces = 40cm
        5 pieces = 50cm
        6 pieces = 60cm
        7 pieces = 70cm
        8 pieces = 80cm
        9 pieces = 90cm
        10 pieces = 1meter

The maximum tube length that we can send in full is 2 meters = 20 sections

The episodes above 20cm are sent only by courier

It is the most universal and widespread grade of stainless steel. Ideal for welding and for plastic working. Used, for example, as columns, posts, handrails, etc.

Grade 304 is widely used due to its chemical inertness in contact with many types of food, as well as in contact with various detergents used in its purification, the tube contains a seam, so it is also successfully used in the food industry. The cutting tolerance is 2mm

We'll cut each length !!!


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60.3mm - 2 "STAINLESS STEEL TUBE, type 1.4301

60.3mm - 2 "STAINLESS STEEL TUBE, type 1.4301

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