DISTILLER SMS 50 liters STAINLESS ON PIPE 50 mm - for gas


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Distiller for aabratek gas on a 50.8 mm stainless steel 304 grade, Tig welded, submerged. Set with a 50-liter tank.

Distiller at the SMS link.

In this type of distillers, we get 96% high alcohol the first time. The device allows you to achieve a distillate at the highest level of purity.

I am great for distilling essential oils, water and high-proof solutions.

The height of the whole set together with the tank about 190 cm.

Head and welded tamka, at the outlet of the reception. Welded head at an angle of about 105 degrees. A cap with a cooling coil along with a breather and two water inlets is attached to the head. Cooling spiral made from 6 meters of Fi 8 tube.

High rectifying column 120 cm, made of 50.8 mm stainless steel tube 304. The columns are covered with stainless and copper springs. At the bottom of the column, we use a scourer to support the filling. The stainless and copper springs are also separated with a dish cloth so that they do not mix. 20 cm from the top of the column is welded 1/8 inch port on the thermometer.

After delivery, the kit should be washed with warm water.

The set of the set includes: a tank, a column with a thermometer port (without filling), a head and a socket with double helix.

We have distillers on various pipe diameters as well as tanks.

At the bottom, we present an example of a distillation connection scheme: