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Open brass solenoid valve 1/8 "230V 0-16 bar 120 ° C


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Open brass solenoid valve 1/8 "230V 0-16 bar 120 ° C:

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Open brass solenoid valve 1/8 "230V 0-16 bar 120 ° C:

Brass solenoid valve 1/8 "230V 0-16 bar 120 ° C, the valve has 2 internal threads 1/8 inch - 10 mm. The valve also has a coil and a connector for connecting the power supply.

Valve type: open

Working shade 0-16 bar

230V coil voltage

Valve body made of brass

Valve operating temperature - 120 ° C

Ambient temperature of the valve up to 80 ° C

Application of the solenoid valve: valve for water, liquids, alcohol vapors, water vapors, air

Dimensions of the solenoid valve: 85mm / 65 mm / 25 mm, weight 380 g.

An electronic thermometer with a large electronic display and a probe on a long cable.

A brand new product, very good quality.

Thanks to the thermocouple placed on the wire, we can stay at any temperaturę (in the car, fridge, frezer).


- cable length: 95cm

- temperature measurement range: -50C <-> 110C

- 36mm x 17mm LCD display

- 0.1 inches display resolution

- measurement accuracy ± 1C (10-50C), ± 2C (-20-10C, 50-80C), ± 4C (-50- -20C, 80-110C)

- power supply: 2x LR44 battery (included)

- housing color: black

- dimension of the metal probe, diameter 4mm, length 20mm

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