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T48 SUPER YEAST distillers yeast


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T48 SUPER YEAST distillers yeast

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T48 SUPER YEAST distillers yeast
Distiller's yeast T48 Pure Formula Strong 20%
Distiller's yeast Super Yeast T48 Pure Formula Strong 20%. Oenological product.

Specially created preparation of two types of fermentation:

up to 14% in 2 days, 6 kg of sugar

up to 20% in 5 days, 8 kg of sugar


Dissolve the selected amount of sugar in 21 liters of warm water. To the setting with a temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius, add the contents of the yeast sachet and mix thoroughly. Ferment at 20-30 degrees Celsius.

Do not use fermentation tubing or stoppers during fermentation.

Content 140g: yeast, nutrient and microelements.


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